Did you know that more than 70% of consumers turn to review sites for guidance before making a purchasing decision?  In an arena where reviews and online chatter basically exist forever (especially in search), it’s increasingly important to always know where, when, how, and why your brand is being mentioned.
What is being said about your business online has a significant impact on your bottom line. Through active participation in consumer dialogue and monitoring the web for keywords associated with your brand, industry and competitors, EUKU Agency tracks, measures, and manages your online reputation, building a stronger social presence and happier consumer base, which leads to increased sales.

Reputation Management for Brands of Scale

Audience & Channel Discovery

Our expert Social Media team monitors, in real-time, every mention of your brand online, from tweets to reviews, to blog posts, to breaking news articles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By positioning ourselves at the crossroads of your brand’s online presence, we are able to identify where your audience is located online, minimizing the negative impact on your brand.

Community Management

90% of unhappy customers will not do business with the same company again if it does not address their issues in a timely fashion. That’s where we come in. A dedicated agency representative will collaborate with your staff to address all negative comments detected on review and social media sites, monitoring feedback and providing results on an ongoing basis.

Review Solicitation

Our team of Brand Ambassadors are here to make sure that people are talking positively about your brand online. Whether on Facebook, Yelp, Google+, or Twitter, our review solicitation services focus on driving brand awareness and improving star ratings in the online, retail space. Our goal is to increase visibility and drum up new business.


We inform your brand of online complaints and provide guidelines on how to respond. We can also represent your brand in order to facilitate communications. Progress and resolutions are tracked and reported to your brand on a monthly basis.

Comment Withdrawal

If an issue is finally solved, we will request the original poster to either withdraw the comment or update it with new information. This is a crucial step in the upkeep of your image.

Brand Defense

Your voice, our people. If someone is writing slanderous reviews with malicious intent, we speak on your behalf and ceaselessly request moderators to erase such posts if solid contrary proof is available.

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