Paid search advertising allows you to place your brand in front of potential customers at the moment they are searching for your product or service.  Unlike SEO, paid search gives you control over when your ad is displayed in search results, and the messaging of your ad.  Most importantly, you have access to powerful and actionable real-time data that can be used to adapt your strategy and messaging at any time.
Understanding our client’s business is paramount to our success in paid search. EUKU Agency’s PPC and SEM specialists develop unique strategies tailored to fit our client’s goals that are based off of in-depth market and competitor research.
Utilizing state-of-the-art industry tools and technology, in combination with personalized review and analysis, our PPC and SEM experts carefully monitor and evaluate all campaigns, shaping them through constant testing to ensure our client’s goals are achieved.
Looking beyond our SEM campaigns and analyzing performance data across multiple channels helps us to understand the entire customer journey and the synergies between channels. Incorporating a solid test-and-learn plan into our SEM strategies allows us to constantly achieve ever-improving metrics and ROI.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing for E-Commerce

Keyword Research

We focus on gaining an understanding of the various ways that users describe a product or service as well as how they describe an intended action. Understanding user intent is the base that a successful campaign is built upon.

Bid Management

Technology is essential in implementing any bid strategy nowadays. But developing that strategy and effectively managing that technology to steer bids towards a performance goal takes skill, something which our SEM pros have a firm handle on.

Data Analysis

All aspects of our campaign performance are consistently reviewed and analyzed from all angles. When actionable data is identified it is applied across campaigns and strategies are adjusted when appropriate.

Ad Copy Testing

Our approach singles out one specific ad copy element at a time. Running almost identical ads in rotation with the exception of variations in one element provides results with high confidence. This scientific approach leaves little ambiguity in terms of determining the most impactful ad copy variation.

Product Listing Advertisement

EUKU Agency’s SEM team can guide you through the product feed setup process or provide feed optimization recommendations. Our Shopping / PLA campaigns and bid strategies are structured to prioritize products with the greatest ROI.

Keeping You on the Cutting Edge

The SEM channel is constantly evolving and keeping up with all the changes could be a full time job in itself. EUKU Agency maintains strong relationships with both Google, Bing and other search engines. We are often able to extend new features to our clients before they are available to the masses, keeping our clients on the cutting edge.

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What Is Pay Per Click Marketing?

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Pay per click marketing has become extremely popular in recent years as businesses both large and small have come to realize its potential. A clever way to essentially buy visits to your website rather than winning them over organically, Pay Per Click is the perfect way to drive up the traffic to your website in a short space of time and fact makes up around 50% of all search engine marketing.

Major search engines such as Google allow companies to pay for a listing within their search engine results, showing them alongside other non-paid listings. When someone clicks on your listing, they are directed straight to your website, and you will pay a fee for the service. As these listings are sold at auction, the more you bid for your listing, the better position in the ranking you are likely to receive and the more visitors you are likely to get. It gets its name because you are only required to pay once someone has clicked on your listing.

Are There Different Kinds Of Pay Per Click Advertising?

There are several types of PPC marketing with three primary types being commonly found on major search engines. This include:

Text Ads – As the name implies, these adverts only contain text and appear on search engine results pages. There are several rules relating to these adverts, such as the number of words and characters allowed and guidelines as to content.

Product Specific Adverts – These visual product listing adverts contain an active product feed of the company’s inventory. Searchers click on the product that they are interested in and are directed immediately to the specific page of the company’s website that advertises the exact product listed.

Banner Adverts – Targeted to the context of a search, this is a good visual way of getting customers who already have an interest in their product to be directed to a company’s website.

Why Does Pay Per Click Marketing Work?

Pay Per Click Marketing works well because it is a fast and simple way to drive up visitor numbers to a company website and with some advertising systems it’s even possible to start receiving visitors from clicks from the very instant that an advert gets activated. PPC marketing also offers a particularly convenient way to adapt to current market conditions. While traditional natural SEM is slow to adapt and is therefore often behind the changing trends in customer behavior, it is easy to adjust a PPC campaign to reflect the current market state. Usually, Pay Per Click marketing is also a cost effective solution as it is pretty cheap and is frequently less expensive than other traditional forms of advertising.

What Is The Role Of Pay Per Click Marketing?
While PPC is not the solution for every business, it does fulfill some vital purposes. This include:

Short Term Campaigns – If your company needs visitors in the short term for a brief campaign, PPC is the best way to generate an excitement and a buzz about the project. As it is simple to alter the message of a PPC campaign and it is quick to set up, it is the perfect solution for a project that needs completion in a short space of time.

Direct Response Business – Any company that can make a sale as soon as a visitor arrives at their website will benefit from a PPC campaign. E-commerce stores can make a success of this type of advertising, especially as PPC is a targeted form of marketing, so customers already have an interest in the product when they click, so companies simply need to make a sale while interest is high.

Niche keyphrases – If your company is in a specific niche and you have chosen specific and niche keywords, you will be able to spend a lot less on your bid for listing making PPC an extremely good value way to market your product or service.

How Does Pay Per Click Marketing Help A Business?

There are plenty of benefits of Pay Per Click Marketing for all types of business, large, mid-sized or small. While it may not be the only solution to advertising products or services, it certainly has its uses for all types of sectors. Here are some of the main advantages of this type of advertising over other, more traditional forms of marketing:

Clear and transparent – Every company needs to know that they are getting good value for money from their advertising campaigns, and one of the best features of PPC marketing is that it is transparent and entirely accountable. You can see exactly what works and what doesn’t about your campaign as every aspect of pay per click searches is measured on visitor conversions. You can see the details for every factor down to keyword level so you can easily make changes when something isn’t working as you imagined it would.

Ease of targeting – the Proper targeting of marketing resources is ever more important when it comes to advertising. Many forms of advertising are very general and can be a waste of time and money if not being aimed at the right targets. One of the advantages of PPC marketing is that it is extremely targeted. Searchers can be targeted to their specific location, so if for example, your company is only looking for local customers, they can easily be targeted by setting a radius around your local area. This works on a bigger scale too, so searchers can be targeted by their state or even their country, whatever is relevant to the company itself.

Ease of control – There is a great deal of control given over to the company itself when it comes to choosing PPC marketing. The company can choose its keywords, the geographical location of searchers that their adverts appear to, the time of day in which their ads will appear and the days on which they can be seen, even down to the device type that the searcher is using to perform their search. This gives a level of versatility and flexibility that other forms of advertising cannot provide.

Cost effective – Companies only pay for their advert when a searcher actively clicks on their listing. This is ideal as when this takes place; a visitor has already expressed an interest in their product because of the targeted nature of PPC marketing. This makes a conversion to a sale much more likely than with other forms of advertising.

Free exposure – Although you only pay when a searcher actively clicks on your company’s advert, you cannot underestimate the level of exposure your company is getting simply by having their advert visible on the search engine listing. Even if a searcher doesn’t click on your advert, this time, your company names, services and products are being seen and may be remembered on a future occasion when you will have the chance to make a sale. All this added exposure comes completely free of charge which is an extremely effective advertising solution.

What Are The Keys To Success Of Using PPC Marketing?

Although there are lots of advantages to choosing to use PPC marketing for your company, there are several rules which must be borne in mind if the campaign is going to be a real success. This include:

Tracking Your Conversions – If you just set up a PPC campaign but then never track it, you won’t know which aspects are successful and which just aren’t working. Regularly monitoring and tracking of conversions will help your campaign to stay on budget and to stay on top of sales and registrations. There are online tracking systems available so you can measure your site’s conversions and observe patterns and changes.

Setting A Budget – There is no point in throwing a lot of money at a PPC campaign without setting a sensible budget that matches your objectives. Assess how much profit your company is likely to make the campaign and never bid more than you are likely to make. Although working out the figures can be challenging, it is worth it to make sure that you don’t overspend.

Choose Keywords Wisely – While choosing a broad term as your keyword may be tempting because there are likely to be more people making those searches, in fact, you might be better off choosing a more unusual, niche keyword. When you opt for a broader keyword, you will probably have to bid a higher amount for your listing which eats into your profits. A niche term will be much cheaper, and you will have a higher conversion rate as there will be less competition in the search engine listings. Take the time and effort to think long and hard about narrower, more focused keywords that are relevant to your company’s products or services and you are much more likely to make a profit from PPC marketing.

Clever Writing – The majority of PPC advertising requires a few descriptive sentences about your company’s product or service. Writing this brief statement isn’t necessarily as easy as you’d think and you mustn’t underestimate how important these phrases are. Good grammar and spelling is a vital and appropriate language for your target audience are also the key to success of your campaign. Always check that anything you’ve written meets rules and regulations set by your pay per click service. Specifics are also important – searchers need to know that your company meets their needs.

Quality Score – There are various factors which are important when it comes to search engines placing your advert in a position on their listings. To ensure a premium placement, you need to build up a strong history as the longer a campaign has been running, the better position it will achieve. You also need to test continuously for the best clickthrough rate and ensure that you are putting your keywords in your adverts. Keywords are also essential on your landing page and ensure that you use you highest performing keywords in your advertising campaign. Narrowing down your focus to your targeted geographical location and the specific audience will also help to boost your quality score and give your company’s listing a better position.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Marketing Agency?

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As you can see, there are lots of advantages of using a PPC campaign. However, it can be quite complicated to make the best of your advertising investment. For a busy small business owner, running a successful Pay Per Click marketing campaign can be very time-consuming and even for a larger company, the complex nature of handling the analytical side can make it a prohibitive task. The best solution to this is to engage the services of a marketing agency who specialize in running successful PPC campaigns for a range of companies.

As experts in the advertising field, a marketing agency has all the experience and skills necessary to target the right keywords to make your company’s PPC campaign a success. They can research and identify your target audience’s searching behaviors and select the best niche words to drive up visitor and conversion numbers. They can also set up a successful campaign much more quickly and easily than an inexperienced business owner who offers searchers a more positive experience right from the start. An experienced marketing agency can even help in optimizing your company’s landing pages so that searchers can easily find the product or service that they are looking for after clicking on your listing. This will aid in boosting your conversion rates. Perhaps the area in which a marketing agency can be of most assistance is in the analytical element of running a Pay Per Click marketing campaign. They can track conversion rates, assess the effectiveness of different elements of the campaign and present the information in a way that makes sense to the company owner. They can then make suggestions as to suitable alterations that can be made to the PPC campaign keywords or other areas so that it can be more successful and more visitors will be persuaded to make purchases.